DCGen 0.35

Here it is – DCGen 0.35 – the first real update of DCGen since I took over.
Here are the changes:

    • Merge of official 0.35 source code:
      • [68000] Re-added busy wait removal that got lost
      • [68000] Do pre-decrement with two reads (Steve Snake)`
      • [68000] Make TAS not write (Steve Snake) fixes Gargoyles, Ex Mutant
      • [68000] Re-write ABCD, etc based on info from Bart Trzynadlowski
      • [68000] Implement missing BTST op-code (fixes NHL Hockey 94)
    • Optimized a few things.

    DCGen 0.35
    DCGen 0.35 Source

Construction Obstruction and Project Merge

I am creating a new game called Construction Obstruction. I’ve also decided to merge all of my projects into one site on ConsoleVision, as I’m developing for consoles so that only makes sense. 🙂

There you’ll find my Dreamcast projects – Construction Obstruction, as well as DCGen, and Dream’N’Play. You’ll also find my Neo Geo Pocket Color projects – The adventures of Gus and Rob, and Pengo.

Laser is there now as well, as Steven Harris has expertly converted it from Allegro to SDL. 🙂 You can find the Dreamcast version there as well. 🙂