The Ascension of Vigil 11/26/04 Release

Tyne┬áhas released a new version of his Quake brawling mod, Ascension of Vigil. Here’s what’s new:

– Vigil is now able to latch onto flat walls and either do a fast jump kick off or jump higher in the opposite direction allowing for verticle tunnel jumping like Ninja Gaiden.
– Lightning Storm has been rebalanced once more.
– New special effects! Slow motion has been added (doesn’t interfere with gameplay, untested on Dreamcast), and 3D shadow trails to certain moves, particle effects.
– RPG Stats, leveling up is now included in the gameplay. Leveling up increases Vigil’s health and mana.
– Death bug has been eliminated, I’ve tested it over a jagillion times and I could not reproduce it.
– “Tweaked” 2D sprites and some graphics/animation.
– Gameplay Demo is no longer ran and boots directly to the title screen, however you can still load it up manually.
– Vigil’s starting health have been altered down to 75 in order to work better with the leveling up system.
– Mana is now capped according to your level!
– New additional sound effects and animations.
– Vigil can now properly descend stairs without “twitching”, climbing stairs has been drastically improved but does the odd animation twitch rarely.
– Monsters now wake up when attacked with a spell if they hadn’t noticed you before-hand.
– Due to additional movement code to help Vigil climb stairs properly he now also begins to slow down near ledges, I’m kinda fond of it since it will help prevent you from falling down a pit (when they’re added).
– Most likely there’s a few other changes/fixes/tweaks here undocumented, this version really changes the gameplay.

Please give Tyne input on the RPG Stats and new implemented features in the topic linked above.

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