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Upcoming Games List Updated

The upcoming games list has been updated to reflect that Another World HD, Bang² Busters, Battle Crust, Fade to Black, and The Escapee have been released. In addition, the distributor of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, RushOnGame, originally had the release date set … Continue reading

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Shenmue I & II Coming To Xbox One, PS4, and Windows

On August 21st, Sega is releasing Shenmue I & II for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows, just in time for next year’s release of Ys Net’s Shenmue III. This includes both the 1999 original and the 2001 sequel for … Continue reading

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The Dream On Contest Returns for the 20th Anniversary of the Dreamcast

The Dream On Contest returns for the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast, as has Dream On. The contest runs from July 6, 2018 and ends on September 9, 2019, the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Dreamcast in the … Continue reading

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DreamCon 2018 at the RetroGameCon in Syracuse, NY

Dream On will be at this year’s DreamCon at the RetroGameCon in Syracuse, NY, that runs from November 3rd to November 4th, 2018. DreamCon will occupy one table, but it’s an 8-foot table so it could comfortably fit another exhibitor if anyone … Continue reading

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It’s Google Summer of Code Season Again For ScummVM

ScummVM is a program that recreates the engines that run various adventure and role-playing games, enabling them to play on many different systems, including the Sega Dreamcast.They are once again participating in the program that pays students to code for open-source … Continue reading

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JoshProd’s 2018 Dreamcast Game Slate

JoshProd has been a driving force for Dreamcast indie games for the past couple of years. They’re continuing that trend with a new slate of Dreamcast games shipping later this summer: Flashback 2: Fade to Black: This is the sequel to Flashback, … Continue reading

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Dream On Is Back

I managed to get back from the cybersquatters, so I’m working on bringing back. Thanks for your patience during this process.

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DreamCon 2015

This year is the tenth year since the traveling Dreamcast convention became known as the DreamCon.  In celebration, this year the convention has returned after an eight-year hiatus. The 2015 DreamCon will be taking place at the Con on the Cob on October … Continue reading

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DC Evolution Returns

DC Evolution has had a repository at Sourceforge since 2006, however, the project was never moved there until now. The file upload functionality of Sourceforge has returned, so now seemed like the perfect time to bring DC Evolution back after … Continue reading

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DreamCon 2007

The 2007 DreamCon convention will be held by Curt Grymala of DC Evolution at Magfest 5 on January 4th, January 5th, January 6th and January 7th in Vienna, Virginia. This time DreamCon will be integrated right into the convention, with several tournaments. Saturday’s tournament was Cool Herders, with … Continue reading

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