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Chikugoyaku Will Be Included in GOAT Games Vol. 1

It’s been a long time. First off, big thanks go to Nemesiscakewafer for the awesome site redesign of Cyberdog Castle’s website. He did an excellent job – much better than what I would have been capable of creating. 🙂

Second, on the status of Chikugoyaku: Chikugoyaku will be included in The Goat Store‘s GOAT (Games of All Types) Compilation Disc #1, which should be out sometime next year.

Chikugoyaku Has Been Postponed

For various reasons, the Chikugoyaku release that was supposed to occur today has been postponed. I’m not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long.

This is a good thing, as the graphics have been completely revamped, and the gameplay completely redone. This plays more like a game than the game that inspired it (Panic for SegaCD). It’s a very fun and unique 4-player party game that I think you all will enjoy. I’ve been working hard to make the 1 player storymode enjoyable as well. There are now bonuses to unlock, and much more. I’ll try to release a demo version in a few days.

To the patient people who have Chikugoyaku on preorder, thank you for your support and patience, I promise that the release date will not be too far from now.

Chikugoyaku Preorders Open

Chikugoyaku is the first game to be released by Cyberdog Castle for the Sega Dreamcast video game system. The story-line is as follows: you are an apprentice to a magician who sends you out on an errand. You are entrapped by your master’s rival in an enchanted mansion. Your master has cast a protection spell on you that allows you to come back from death 15 times.

It is a game of chance – you have a choice of three doors – one leads to the next set of three doors, the other two lead to certain death. The game features humorous death animations in the vein of the SegaCD game “Panic”. Over 100 animations and 50 sets of doors await. The game is $4.99 and is a preorder. This game will ship when 100 preorders are collected or on February 21, 2004.