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DCGen 12/25/02

Merry Christmas! I’m releasing a Christmas gift for you all – a build of DCGen!

I’m not sure when the source from this build was made, as I found it on a backup CD from my old hard drive before it died earlier this year. So I can’t exactly tell you all of what’s new – or how it works as I just built it, and it hasn’t been tested – but here it is anyway – DCGen 12/25/02. 😛
UPDATE 12/29/02 – DCGen 12/25/02 Source.

OK, here’s what I’m doing now:

  • I’m moving all the controller code and other relevant code to the newest KOS release:
  • Themeable menus didn’t really work the way they were supposed to – so I’m going to go about doing it a different way. (So to those who hoped that the Christmas release had theme support – I’m sorry – not this time, but I’m working on it. :P)
  • All sorts of little things. 😀

Atani has granted me permission to continue DCGen

Stupid CVS. I’m having problems with directory locks, so I can’t update DCGen through the CVS tree. I’m going to be releasing source updates and commenting on what’s different through this page until I can get it sorted out. They may seem like meaningless updates, but that is what the CVS is for. 😉 I wouldn’t update at all, except I am known to be very good at losing sources. 😀

Welcome to the new DCGen, by the way. 😛

DCGen Source Update 07/04/02 – Updated the menu graphics to reflect the change in project leaders. The graphics are completely different, and not as snazzy as Atani’s.

Atani News

Atani, the author of the Windows version of Laser, Laser32, (As Well as Raine32, Generator32, DCGen, BlissX, and SegaEmu) has stopped development of all emulation related projects, after nearly 5 years in the emulation community.

As I was looking at the site, I noticed something strange – a build of Laser32 that seemed to sneak past everyone (including me!), Laser32 0.10. I compared the two archives – the dates were different as were the file sizes – so this does indeed appear to be a newer version of Laser32. Kind of a going away present to the Laser team of sorts, even though it had just been overlooked. 🙂

Good luck in your future projects Atani – I’m glad to have met you, and it’s nice to hear that you have had fun porting Laser to Windows (even though you don’t really remember doing it ;))