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The Dream On Contest Returns for the 20th Anniversary of the Dreamcast

The Dream On Contest returns for the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast, as has Dream On. The contest runs from July 6, 2018 and ends on September 9, 2019, the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Dreamcast in the United States. Submissions can be submitted at the Dream On Contest jam page.

There will be prizes, but the specifics still need to be worked out.  The contest has been started before this process to leave ample time for the creation of entries.

Teams are permitted. If you wish to use pre-created assets please use those with licenses that allow commercial use just in case a pressed game award is one of the prizes. This has been the case in the previous Dream On contests, but as prizes have not yet been worked out at this point, it isn’t guaranteed. It’s best to err on the side of caution, just in case.

To help alleviate some concerns raised in the previous Dream On contests, I (JenniBee, also known as MetaFox) am offering to create game assets (music, art,  sound effects, voice work, etc.) for any entry that requests it.  Send an e-mail to if you’d like me to create something for your project. 🙂

Feel free to use any of my previously created assets in your entry as well.

3rd Annual Dream On Contest Results

Seeing as it’s now 10PM GMT, I’m going to close the submissions for the contest. The entries are:

Professional Game:
1) Dynamite Dreams by patbier and poche
2) Feuer Frei by qatmix/Project Firestorm

1) RacerDC by Imerion
2) RACE Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator port by GPF

DreamCon 2006 Part 2

The second location of this year’s show will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2006, held from June 3rd to June 4th, 2006, returning after a year in hiatus. Exhibiting at the event will be DCSteve and Tommy Watson, who will be representing BOR Revolution, a site dedicated to showcasing games using the engines from Senile Team.

I will also once again be exhibiting at the event, representing Screamcast, Cydoca Entertainment, and Dreamcast-Scene. Dan Loosen from The GOAT Store is going to announce new games for the Dreamcast at the show. In addition, new information will be revealed about GOAT Games and DCastle.

Several games featuring the Beats of Rage engine were showcased, and a new video for Age of the Beast was shown. In addition, videos were shown for Blocks2, and screenshots were shown for Grizzlies: Forest Prelude and BurgerDC will once again be playable at the show. The Dream On contest winners, Dynamite Dreams and Feuer Frei, will also be shown for the first time.

The winners of the 2nd annual Dream On contest have been announced

The second annual Dream On contest ended 10 days ago, and the results are now in. Here are the winners:

Tier 2:
1) Nibbler by JMD
2) Xump by kedo and GPF (and the Psilocybin Development Team)

Tier 3:
1) DOSBoxDC by GPF and the DOSBox team
2) MSXCast by LTK and Marat Fayzullin

Tier 4:
1) VMU CD by bucanero
2) Blobwars by quzar and Parallel Realities

Update: The special prize results are now in as well. JMD couldn’t decide whether to give the signed Maqiupai prize to ron or quzar, so he’s decided to increase the prize to two signed Maqiupai games and give them to both coders.

He stated that he’s given them to these coders due to their large contributions of ports submitted to the contest, and to ron in particular for the good he’s done for the Dreamcast scene and how well he represents the Spanish Dreamcast scene.

3rd Annual Dream On Contest

The 3rd Annual Dream On Contest begins today.

There are once again tiers to this contest, but it’s very different from last year’s contest:

1) Professional Game Development – Develop a professional game to be published by The GOAT Store. You can submit the game to the GOAT Store for publishing at any time and still submit it to the contest later (provided that the game has not already been published).

2) MiniGame – Create a mini-game to be included on a professionally pressed CD.

The prizes are not yet solidified, but the contest is beginning today (November 21, 2005) to give you enough time to finish the entries before the deadline (May 31, 2006).

The prizes will be much more this year than last year (over $500 worth of prizes). So, the incentive to create a game should definitely be there this year.

Edit: The contest has been extended to June 10, 2006.

2nd Annual Dream On Contest

The Second Annual Dream On Contest has begun, and this year it’s even bigger than the last! And it’s even bigger than ever thanks to wraggster! The Dream Coding Grand Prix 2005 has merged with Dream On 2 to provide the biggest contest the Dreamcast community has seen so far! The general rules for each contest are as follows: a single entry can be entered into more than one category, if it meets the criteria for each category entered. However, a single entry will not win a prize in more than one category. Also, an existing program may be entered into any tier of the contest, provided that the contest version is significantly different from the last released version. Ports of programs are acceptable, provided the original author gives explicit permission for the program to be entered into the contest. This year, the contest is broken up into four categories:

1) Professional Game Creation – This is the category that was the sole contest last year. Create a polished game for the Dreamcast (multiple levels of play, title screen, music, high scores, etc.) to be released commercially. The full game can not be publically released for an entry to be considered in this category. A demo can be released at any time. However, the demo has to be significantly different from the contest entry.

2) Amateur Game Creation – This category is to appease the entrants who didn’t meet the criteria for last year’s competition. The entries in this category don’t have to be commercial quality, but they do have to be programmed in C, C++, or SH4 Assembly (SDL or another games library is fine). The game can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.

3) Emulator Creation – Create or port an emulator for any system for the Dreamcast. The program can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.

4) Anything Goes – This is the fun category. Create anything that isn’t included in the categories above (BOR Mods, Games Created in Fenix, Doom/Quake mods, emulators, ports of existing software (with author’s explicit permission that this be allowed to be entered into the contest), Applications, Multimedia Software, and anything that you can imagine that we hadn’t covered in the above. The program can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.


Contest 1:
1st place (and possibly 2nd and 3rd depending on quality)
Game Professionally Published on Pressed CD with color inserts and clear case
All games that aren’t published will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dream On Magazine, and the game(s) will be included on the demo disc.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 2:
1st place: Gamepark 32 BLU
2nd place: Game King 2 Console with 3 games
All games will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dream On Magazine, and the game(s) will be included on the demo disc.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 3:
1st place: Set of signed Bleem! products – all three Bleem for Dreamcast releases, plus the PC release, signed by Rand Linden.
2nd place: Set of unsigned Bleem! products – all three Bleem for Dreamcast releases, plus the PC release, unsigned.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 4:
1st place: Xrom 512MB flash linker kit
2nd place: Game King 2 Console with 3 games
Other Prizes to be determined

Special Prize Donation:
JMD, the author of Maqiupai, has donated a signed copy of Maqiupai to the entry he chooses to receive it.

The contest ends on 11:59PM PST on November 10, 2005.

Dream On at the Midwest Gaming Classic

The GOAT Store, in cooperation with, Cyberdog Castle, has released Dreamcast projects at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

The winners of the Dream On contest, held jointly by The GOAT Store and Cyberdog Castle, Inhabitants and Maqiupai, are available for sale at The GOAT Store’s booth at the convention.

In addition, Cyberdog Castle also will give away copies of the first issue of the Dream On Magazine at this year’s MGC.

The two newest indie Dreamcast retail games will be available on The GOAT Store website after the convention is over.

Dream On Contest Winners

I just received the last results from the judges. The winners are as follows:

1.) Inhabitants by S+F Software
2.) Maqiupai by JMD
3.) Boll by Fredrik Ehnbom

The other entries were Whispered Secrets by Ian Micheal and Trampalien Gunmen by GPF. The latter was a port which did not qualify for prizes, but all entries were awesome regardless.

I will be contacting the winners shortly to arrange the shipping of prizes. The winners of the pressed CD have already been contacted by The GOAT Store.

Thank you to every single one of the entrants for making this contest a success. 🙂

Dream On – Dreamcast Game Contest

Riding on the impending release of the first homebrew-oriented Dreamcast print magazine, Dream On, and the correlation of the official opening of Cyberdog Castle on November 27 to celebrate the Dreamcast’s 5th birthday, I am organizing a contest.

Since Lik-Sang mentioned the contest on its front page, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the contest. To allow more people to enter who may have just found out about the contest, we have moved the deadline to March 17, 2004.

The contest will be to create a complete Dreamcast game by March 17, 2004. This means full gameplay, graphics, music, sound, menus, the works. I know that this may seem like a steep requirement, but the reward is well worth it. The first place prize as it stands will be $100US plus a commercial run of your game on professionally pressed CDs. The 2nd place prize as it stands is $25 plus a commercial run of your game on professionally pressed CDs. So, get those groups together, and let’s see the Dreamcast homebrew community shine.

Everybody is welcome to enter, and the only rules are that it is an original game, and not a port or an emulator. It has to be somewhat polished – it must contain a menu, music and sound effects – but as long as it contains these qualities, all entries will be accepted. Entries will be judged by quality and playability rather than flashiness.

There is a judging panel of 5 judges. The entries can be sent via FTP or postal mail on CD-R and will be sent out to the judges. The judges are as follows:
Dan Potter
Roddy Toomim (DJGeki)
Max Scharl (Freeze)
Dave Belmonte (AudioGenius)
Mickey McMurray (MetaFox)

Thanks to the following people for donating:
Max Scharl: $10, Roddy Toomim: $25, Deborah McInnis: 1¢, Michael Jacobi $10, Aaron Turner $5, Michael Cukan $10, Atani Software $15, Michael Hancock $10, Mickey McMurray $25, Carlos Bock $5, Storm Studios $10

Many people have stated that they would like to donate to this contest, so I have a donation set up through Paypal. I will keep you informed of all donations through this website.