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DreamCon 2005

This year, the Midwest Gaming Classic won’t be held, so last year’s Dream On at the Midwest Gaming Classic is now the DreamCon. The convention will be held at the East Coast Gaming Expo on July 25th, 2005 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

As the Midwest Gaming Classic is the usual place for new GOAT Store Publishing games to debut, DreamCon 2005 will feature a playable demo of Cool Herders.

It will also be host to many familiar names from the Dreamcast community. Sam Steele will be present with updated versions of DCSquares and DCBlap. Lawrence Sebald will have updated versions of his RPGs, ljsdcdev and DCRPG on hand. I.M Weasel will have his Macintosh burning tools available. Curt Grymala will represent DC Evolution and DCHelp with a “burning station” and several of DC Evolution’s compilations available on a high-quality CD-R with a laser printed label and booklet with a CD case. I will represent The GOAT StoreDreamcast-SceneScreamcast, and Cydoca Entertainment. Playable versions of Grizzlies: Forest Prelude and Feet of Fury will be available. Fackue’s Dreamcast Development discs will also available to anyone who wanted to get into Dreamcast developing.

Chikugoyaku Will Be Included in GOAT Games Vol. 1

It’s been a long time. First off, big thanks go to Nemesiscakewafer for the awesome site redesign of Cyberdog Castle’s website. He did an excellent job – much better than what I would have been capable of creating. 🙂

Second, on the status of Chikugoyaku: Chikugoyaku will be included in The Goat Store‘s GOAT (Games of All Types) Compilation Disc #1, which should be out sometime next year.

2nd Annual Dream On Contest

The Second Annual Dream On Contest has begun, and this year it’s even bigger than the last! And it’s even bigger than ever thanks to wraggster! The Dream Coding Grand Prix 2005 has merged with Dream On 2 to provide the biggest contest the Dreamcast community has seen so far! The general rules for each contest are as follows: a single entry can be entered into more than one category, if it meets the criteria for each category entered. However, a single entry will not win a prize in more than one category. Also, an existing program may be entered into any tier of the contest, provided that the contest version is significantly different from the last released version. Ports of programs are acceptable, provided the original author gives explicit permission for the program to be entered into the contest. This year, the contest is broken up into four categories:

1) Professional Game Creation – This is the category that was the sole contest last year. Create a polished game for the Dreamcast (multiple levels of play, title screen, music, high scores, etc.) to be released commercially. The full game can not be publically released for an entry to be considered in this category. A demo can be released at any time. However, the demo has to be significantly different from the contest entry.

2) Amateur Game Creation – This category is to appease the entrants who didn’t meet the criteria for last year’s competition. The entries in this category don’t have to be commercial quality, but they do have to be programmed in C, C++, or SH4 Assembly (SDL or another games library is fine). The game can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.

3) Emulator Creation – Create or port an emulator for any system for the Dreamcast. The program can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.

4) Anything Goes – This is the fun category. Create anything that isn’t included in the categories above (BOR Mods, Games Created in Fenix, Doom/Quake mods, emulators, ports of existing software (with author’s explicit permission that this be allowed to be entered into the contest), Applications, Multimedia Software, and anything that you can imagine that we hadn’t covered in the above. The program can be released at any time. However, the release must make reference to it being a Dream On Contest entry.


Contest 1:
1st place (and possibly 2nd and 3rd depending on quality)
Game Professionally Published on Pressed CD with color inserts and clear case
All games that aren’t published will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dream On Magazine, and the game(s) will be included on the demo disc.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 2:
1st place: Gamepark 32 BLU
2nd place: Game King 2 Console with 3 games
All games will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dream On Magazine, and the game(s) will be included on the demo disc.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 3:
1st place: Set of signed Bleem! products – all three Bleem for Dreamcast releases, plus the PC release, signed by Rand Linden.
2nd place: Set of unsigned Bleem! products – all three Bleem for Dreamcast releases, plus the PC release, unsigned.
Other Prizes to be determined

Contest 4:
1st place: Xrom 512MB flash linker kit
2nd place: Game King 2 Console with 3 games
Other Prizes to be determined

Special Prize Donation:
JMD, the author of Maqiupai, has donated a signed copy of Maqiupai to the entry he chooses to receive it.

The contest ends on 11:59PM PST on November 10, 2005.

Dream On at the Midwest Gaming Classic

The GOAT Store, in cooperation with, Cyberdog Castle, has released Dreamcast projects at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

The winners of the Dream On contest, held jointly by The GOAT Store and Cyberdog Castle, Inhabitants and Maqiupai, are available for sale at The GOAT Store’s booth at the convention.

In addition, Cyberdog Castle also will give away copies of the first issue of the Dream On Magazine at this year’s MGC.

The two newest indie Dreamcast retail games will be available on The GOAT Store website after the convention is over.

Dream On Contest Winners

I just received the last results from the judges. The winners are as follows:

1.) Inhabitants by S+F Software
2.) Maqiupai by JMD
3.) Boll by Fredrik Ehnbom

The other entries were Whispered Secrets by Ian Micheal and Trampalien Gunmen by GPF. The latter was a port which did not qualify for prizes, but all entries were awesome regardless.

I will be contacting the winners shortly to arrange the shipping of prizes. The winners of the pressed CD have already been contacted by The GOAT Store.

Thank you to every single one of the entrants for making this contest a success. 🙂

Chikugoyaku Has Been Postponed

For various reasons, the Chikugoyaku release that was supposed to occur today has been postponed. I’m not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long.

This is a good thing, as the graphics have been completely revamped, and the gameplay completely redone. This plays more like a game than the game that inspired it (Panic for SegaCD). It’s a very fun and unique 4-player party game that I think you all will enjoy. I’ve been working hard to make the 1 player storymode enjoyable as well. There are now bonuses to unlock, and much more. I’ll try to release a demo version in a few days.

To the patient people who have Chikugoyaku on preorder, thank you for your support and patience, I promise that the release date will not be too far from now.

Chikugoyaku Preorders Open

Chikugoyaku is the first game to be released by Cyberdog Castle for the Sega Dreamcast video game system. The story-line is as follows: you are an apprentice to a magician who sends you out on an errand. You are entrapped by your master’s rival in an enchanted mansion. Your master has cast a protection spell on you that allows you to come back from death 15 times.

It is a game of chance – you have a choice of three doors – one leads to the next set of three doors, the other two lead to certain death. The game features humorous death animations in the vein of the SegaCD game “Panic”. Over 100 animations and 50 sets of doors await. The game is $4.99 and is a preorder. This game will ship when 100 preorders are collected or on February 21, 2004.

Mike Siecieka’s Motocross Announced

DREAMCAST REBORN — CYBERDOG CASTLE UNVEILS MIKE SIECIESKA’S MOTOCROSS™First Sponsored Game developed with free tools for the Dreamcast will be available in 2003.
ELMIRA, New York — December 23, 2002 — Mike Siecieska’s Motocross, the first game in a series of games to be produced and published by Cyberdog Castle for the Dreamcast in 2003, will feature several modes of play in both multi-player and single player modes. Mike Siecieska, a rider in Western New York’s motocross circuit, will not only appear in the game, but he will have plenty of creative control in the game as well.

“I’m working with Mike to make sure this game is unlike any other game ever created for this genre. This isn’t just a rehash of the same dirtbike racing formula.”, says Mickey McMurray, Cyberdog Castle’s president. “It is a truly unique gaming experience that I am sure gamers worldwide will appreciate.”

About Cyberdog Castle
Founded in 2002, Cyberdog Castle is a developer and publisher of games for classic platforms, ranging from consoles to arcade and pinball machines.