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Magic Pockets Postponed To March 15

PixelHeart, the distributor of the Dreamcast games published by JoshProd, has postponed the Dreamcast versions of Magic Pockets by Bitmap Brothers from January 15, 2019 to March 15, 2019. It’s still available for pre-order at €34.90.

According to the PixelHeart website, FX Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine by Saru Studio appears to have met its release date, as it’s listed as available by request and is stated to have shipped on January 15th.

The Upcoming games list has been updated with the release date information for these two games.

DCGen 0.35

Here it is – DCGen 0.35 – the first real update of DCGen since I took over.
Here are the changes:

    • Merge of official 0.35 source code:
      • [68000] Re-added busy wait removal that got lost
      • [68000] Do pre-decrement with two reads (Steve Snake)`
      • [68000] Make TAS not write (Steve Snake) fixes Gargoyles, Ex Mutant
      • [68000] Re-write ABCD, etc based on info from Bart Trzynadlowski
      • [68000] Implement missing BTST op-code (fixes NHL Hockey 94)
    • Optimized a few things.

    DCGen 0.35
    DCGen 0.35 Source

Construction Obstruction and Project Merge

I am creating a new game called Construction Obstruction. I’ve also decided to merge all of my projects into one site on ConsoleVision, as I’m developing for consoles so that only makes sense. 🙂

There you’ll find my Dreamcast projects – Construction Obstruction, as well as DCGen, and Dream’N’Play. You’ll also find my Neo Geo Pocket Color projects – The adventures of Gus and Rob, and Pengo.

Laser is there now as well, as Steven Harris has expertly converted it from Allegro to SDL. 🙂 You can find the Dreamcast version there as well. 🙂