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Atani, the author of the Windows version of Laser, Laser32, (As Well as Raine32, Generator32, DCGen, BlissX, and SegaEmu) has stopped development of all emulation related projects, after nearly 5 years in the emulation community.

As I was looking at the site, I noticed something strange – a build of Laser32 that seemed to sneak past everyone (including me!), Laser32 0.10. I compared the two archives – the dates were different as were the file sizes – so this does indeed appear to be a newer version of Laser32. Kind of a going away present to the Laser team of sorts, even though it had just been overlooked. 🙂

Good luck in your future projects Atani – I’m glad to have met you, and it’s nice to hear that you have had fun porting Laser to Windows (even though you don’t really remember doing it ;))

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