Dream On – Dreamcast Game Contest

Riding on the impending release of the first homebrew-oriented Dreamcast print magazine, Dream On, and the correlation of the official opening of Cyberdog Castle on November 27 to celebrate the Dreamcast’s 5th birthday, I am organizing a contest.

Since Lik-Sang mentioned the contest on its front page, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the contest. To allow more people to enter who may have just found out about the contest, we have moved the deadline to March 17, 2004.

The contest will be to create a complete Dreamcast game by March 17, 2004. This means full gameplay, graphics, music, sound, menus, the works. I know that this may seem like a steep requirement, but the reward is well worth it. The first place prize as it stands will be $100US plus a commercial run of your game on professionally pressed CDs. The 2nd place prize as it stands is $25 plus a commercial run of your game on professionally pressed CDs. So, get those groups together, and let’s see the Dreamcast homebrew community shine.

Everybody is welcome to enter, and the only rules are that it is an original game, and not a port or an emulator. It has to be somewhat polished – it must contain a menu, music and sound effects – but as long as it contains these qualities, all entries will be accepted. Entries will be judged by quality and playability rather than flashiness.

There is a judging panel of 5 judges. The entries can be sent via FTP or postal mail on CD-R and will be sent out to the judges. The judges are as follows:
Dan Potter
Roddy Toomim (DJGeki)
Max Scharl (Freeze)
Dave Belmonte (AudioGenius)
Mickey McMurray (MetaFox)

Thanks to the following people for donating:
Max Scharl: $10, Roddy Toomim: $25, Deborah McInnis: 1ยข, Michael Jacobi $10, Aaron Turner $5, Michael Cukan $10, Atani Software $15, Michael Hancock $10, Mickey McMurray $25, Carlos Bock $5, Storm Studios $10

Many people have stated that they would like to donate to this contest, so I have a donation set up through Paypal. I will keep you informed of all donations through this website.


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