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Chikugoyaku Has Been Postponed

For various reasons, the Chikugoyaku release that was supposed to occur today has been postponed. I’m not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long. This is a good thing, … Continue reading

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RadQuake 4.5 Beta

RadQuake 4.5 Beta, the port of iD Software‘s Quake, by Fragger and Reaper, using sources from SDLQuake, BlackAura‘s nxQuake and Bero‘s DCQuake, has been updated with an option to quit into the modmenu, and a swappable disc feature for the modmenu, along with many other fixes and options.

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Mike Siecieska’s Motocross Logo Contest

Thanks to a suggestion by Maxidcgamers, Cyberdog Castle is holding a logo contest for Mike Siecieska’s Motocross. The winner gets their logo used in the game, their name in the credits of Mike Siecieska’s Motocross, $50, and a free Mike Siecieska’s … Continue reading

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Beats of Rage 1.0028

Beats of Rage 1.0028, a clone of Sega‘s Streets of Rage games using SNK Playmore‘s King of Fighters characters, created by Team Senile, has been ported to the Dreamcast by Neill Cortlett.

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