Chikugoyaku Has Been Postponed

For various reasons, the Chikugoyaku release that was supposed to occur today has been postponed. I’m not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long.

This is a good thing, as the graphics have been completely revamped, and the gameplay completely redone. This plays more like a game than the game that inspired it (Panic for SegaCD). It’s a very fun and unique 4-player party game that I think you all will enjoy. I’ve been working hard to make the 1 player storymode enjoyable as well. There are now bonuses to unlock, and much more. I’ll try to release a demo version in a few days.

To the patient people who have Chikugoyaku on preorder, thank you for your support and patience, I promise that the release date will not be too far from now.

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