ScummVM Is Part of the Google Summer of Code Again

ScummVM is a program that recreates the engines that run various adventure and role-playing games, enabling them to play on many different systems, including the Sega Dreamcast. They are once again participating in the program that pays students to code for open-source projects during the northern hemisphere’s summer months, the Google Summer of Code. This year there are four students working on ScummVM projects:

  • Red Comrades Part 1: Save the Galaxy and Part 2: For the Great Justice: Student: Andrii Prykhodko
  • Hyperspace Delivery Boy! :
    Student: Nipun Garg
  • Mission Supernova Part 2:
    Student: Jaromír Wysoglad
  • Moonbase Commander networking:
    Student: Antonio Román Cerezo

You can view the progress of each project at ScummVM Planet.

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