ScummVM is part of the Google Summer of Code once again

ScummVM is a program that recreates the engines that run various adventure and role-playing games, enabling them to play on many different systems, including the Sega Dreamcast. They are once again participating in the program that pays students to code for open-source projects during the northern hemisphere’s summer months, the Google Summer of Code. This year there are three students working on ScummVM projects (and one on Wintermute for ResidualVM, but the Dreamcast port for RogueVM is woefully out-of-date, so I won’t include that here):

  • Macromedia Director support:
    Students: Nathanael Gentry and Dylan Servilla
  • Unicode and BiDi support (allowing for right-to-left text, among other things):
    Student: Aryan Rawlani

You can view the progress of each project at ScummVM Planet.

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