The JoshProd PixelHeart Group Reveals Their 2020 Game Slate

On the JoshProd Facebook page, six of the upcoming games for Session 5 from the JoshProd PixelHeart Group have been announced.

Those games include the previously teased Alice Sisters, as well as Rocketron, Satazius Next, Tough Guy, Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser, and Wolflame.

But those aren’t all of the games that are coming. PixelHeart has those and more available for pre-order.

Other games include Gigantic Army and Zengeki Warp. These are available for sale in a collection with discs for Satazius Next and Wolfflame. Only Satazius Next and Wolflame are also available for pre-order separately. The other two are only available in the collection.

The other game available is the previously teased (and already available for pre-order) three-dimensional arcade-style racing game, Arcade Racing Legends.

That brings JoshProd’s upcoming 2020 games to nine. These should make sure everyone’s Dreamcasts keep thinking for a while. 😉

As always, the Upcoming Games List has been updated with these games.

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