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Dream On Contest Winners

I just received the last results from the judges. The winners are as follows: 1.) Inhabitants by S+F Software 2.) Maqiupai by JMD 3.) Boll by Fredrik Ehnbom The other entries were Whispered Secrets by Ian Micheal and Trampalien Gunmen by GPF. … Continue reading

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RadQuake 4.5 Beta

RadQuake 4.5 Beta, the port of iD Software‘s Quake, by Fragger and Reaper, using sources from SDLQuake, BlackAura‘s nxQuake and Bero‘s DCQuake, has been updated with an option to quit into the modmenu, and a swappable disc feature for the modmenu, along with many other fixes and options.

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Arkanoid DCMAME Single Game Build

Arkanoid DCMAME Build. Big thanks to reaper for his linking optimization suggestions – this one actually ran too fast! I had to slow it down. It’s at 0 frameskip – That’s a change from the minimum of five I had … Continue reading

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